BOMB ALERT is the latest offering by the Biel/Bienne, Switzerland-based band THE LOVEJOYS. The title track, BOMB ALERT, an original composition in the Afrobeat style, is about a bomb threat (perhaps carried out) in a disco. ONE WAY GLASS is a Manfred-Mann number from the late sixties. Its conclusion is a reminiscence on the improvisations of Eddie Harris, whose composition DON'T YOU KNOW YOUR FUTURE IS IN SPACE comprises track three, itself concluding with some retrofuturistic space-age psychedelia. The fourth piece is Alice Cooper's WELCOME TO MY NIGHTMARE. Cooper was a guest on the Muppet Show, and the arrangement performed here draws on the version he played then. Guest appearances by the local Rock'n'Roll singers MARTIN BUCHER and RENE "GUITOL" TRIPONEZ. The fifth number SATAN (666, THAT'S MY NUMBER) is a voodoo-delic and dark Rhythm'n'Blues instrumental, and the second original composition on the album. A much earlier shade of George-Clinton-Funkadelic flavor is found in the track to follow, ALICE IN MY FANTASIES. And finally, another psychedelic bit of funkrock in TWO SISTERS OF MYSTERY, a Mandrill composition iconically sampled by Public Enemy.

The album BOMB ALERT's worldwide release by Langusta Recordings is on July 31st, 2015. It was recorded over the first half of 2015 in Biel's GLORY HOLE STUDIOS and mastered at TONZENTRALE.

Sexadelica & sleazy listening
The Lovejoys, Bieler Band, seit dem Jahr 2000 aktiv, haben bis 2011 unzählige Konzerte gespielt. In dieser Zeit wurden zwei Alben (And You Don’t Stop, 2005, und A Taste Of Bongo, 2010) und eine Single (The Streets Of San Francisco/Hit Me Till I’m Blue, 2006) veröffentlicht. Dann kam lange nichts. Doch wer am 5. Dezember 2014 das Konzert im Bieler Atomic Café gesehen hat, weiss, dass sie wieder ran an den Speck wollen. The Lovejoys sind sechs Musiker: Tristan Triponez aka Amos Corny (guit/voc/keyb), Daniel Werder aka Yves St. Laurent (b/voc), Jonas Cslovjecsek aka Mountain Rutsch (dr), Dominik Roth aka Doctor Jazz (sax/keyb/voc), Ed Sutton (tp/perc/voc) und Manfred Ryf (tb/perc/voc). Die Band macht immer noch in ungehobeltem Easy Listening und Seventies-Filmsoundtrack-Funk, lässt aber auch Afrobeat, psychedelischen Rock und Space-Age-Jazz einfliessen. Ein neues Album und neue Singles sind in Produktion.

Sexadelica & sleazy listening
Le nouveau programme des „The Lovejoys“, groupe biennois qui a démarré en l'an 2000 (A noter: l'album „And You Don't Stop“ en 2005, Le Single "
The Streets Of San Francisco/Hit Me Till I'm Blue" en 2006, l'album „A Taste Of Bongo“ en 2010), fait aussi bien la part belle au Cheesy Listening débridé qu’à du funk instrumental plus rugueux, du rock psychédélique, des bandes sonores de films ou d’émissions TV et des compositions originales. Ajoutez-y une pinceé d’harmonies pépères à la James Last, un peu d'Afro-Beat à la mode Fela et un soupçon de jazz Space Age façon Sun Ra. Secouez le tout: vous obtiendrez „Sexadelic“, le nouveau programme-devenant-bientôt-album des Lovejoys. Sexadelicious! Le groupe, qui a démontré son envie de s'amuser à noueau sur scène après trois ans de pause lors d'un show "sneak preview" à l'Atomic Café de Bienne, est composé par six musiciens: Tristan Triponez aka Amos Corny (guit/voc/keyb), Daniel Werder aka Yves St. Laurent (b/voc), Jonas Cslovjecsek aka Mountain Rutsch (dr), Dominik Roth aka Doctor Jazz (sax/keyb/voc), Ed Sutton (tp/perc/voc) und Manfred Ryf (tb/perc/voc)

Dirty motherfuckin' hippies? NO SIR. Slick Motherfuckers? AMEN TO THAT!


Fri - 05.12.2014 Atomic Café (Biel/Bienne)
Sat - 21.03.2015 - Café Brésil (Biel/Bienne)

Sat - 25.04.2015 - Dan Ton Ku Tiki Bar (Biel/Bienne)
Wed - 13.05.201
5 - Pooc (Biel/Bienne)
Thu - 04.06.2013 - Du Commerce (Biel/Bienne)
Fri, 28.08.2015 Quai A Go Go (Soleure)

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